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Welcome to HPC@UC

The demand for and use of scientific computing cycles at the University of Calgary is running at an all-time high. Researcher-based institutional, multi-institutional, and national initiatives have been very successful in attracting external funding to increase the computational power available to researchers at the University in the form of High Performance Computing (HPC). HPC is the term used to describe the high-end computing resources – computers, storage, networking and visualization – that, together, are used to help solve highly complex real-world problems, or to run computationally intensive workloads of a scale far beyond the tasks that could be achieved on today's leading desktop systems. Advanced Research Computing is a similar term that is slightly more inclusive than traditional HPC.

There is a High Performance Computing group within Research Computing Services, one of the functional divisions of Information Technologies.  The HPC group is made up of Systems and Application Analysts and provides services to researchers in support of HPC.  This web site provides a focal point for that HPC support for U of C researchers. Among the keywords that might lead you to contact us are Research Computing, ARC, HPC, WestGrid, Compute Canada, Storm, Helix, big data, programming, debugging, visualization, cluster and Linux.

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