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(From December 2009) Terminus upgrade delayed

It was previously reported that a system upgrade on the Terminus cluster would be scheduled during the week of December 7, depending on the results of a similar upgrade to the WestGrid Matrix cluster.  The Matrix upgrade took longer than expected, so, the Terminus upgrade will be deferred until the New Year (2010).

A scheduling reservation will be put in place that will prevent jobs from starting if the specified time would extend into the maintenance period.  If there are jobs you can fit in during the days leading up to the shutdown by successively reducing the requested run time to fit the shrinking window of opportunity, please do so.

If there are any jobs still running at the time of the maintenance shutdown, they will be killed.

Jobs that are in the input queue at the time of the system shutdown should be handled normally by the batch scheduling software when the system is brought back up after the upgrade.

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Updated 2009-12-17


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