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Many researchers coming from a Microsoft Windows background, intending to use a remote HPC system for the first time request some kind of Linux training.

The WestGrid QuickStart Guide for New Users gives an overview of the range of topics that are typically relevant for someone getting started on such a system, with links to details that are specific to the WestGrid environment. Many of the topics covered there are relevant for most remote Linux systems, so, you might like to take a look at it.

To focus discussions with those who might be interested in obtaining more pesonalized HPC Linux training from UC IT HPC support staff, an expanded list of possible topics has been created here.  If you are starting with WestGrid or the local HPC resources, an offer is usually made to meet with you for an hour or two to make sure your own computer is set up and to go over the main things you need to know to start using the remote computational resources.

If you are interested in meeting individually or as a group with UC HPC staff to learn more about using remote Linux systems, please contact us at

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