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A variety of computing resources is available to U of C researchers.  At the low end of the offerings, the C Cluster is a small general purpose Linux cluster suitable for running low-memory serial programs.  On the other hand, for larger-scale scientific research computing, one would typically apply for an account on WestGrid. Another distinction is that the C cluster may be used for teaching purposes and for undergraduate student projects, whereas WestGrid is restricted to research computing.  The descriptions of the various resources below will help you decide the most appropriate systems to use for your work, but, please write to to discuss your particular needs.

Local Resources

Multi-Institution Consortia

Local Resources

C Cluster

The C Cluster (,, is a small general purpose Linux cluster suitable for running low-memory serial programs.  A variety of statistical analysis software, numerical and mathematical applications (including MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple) and other packages are available.  For more information, see

After account activation, the C Cluster servers are available to any U of C IT Computing Account holders, including undergraduate students.  See for details of eligibility and the procedure for obtaining an account.

Storm Cluster

Through a collaboration with HP intended to explore aspects of grid and utility computing, the thousand-processor HP Labs "Utility Cloud"  was installed on campus in the summer of 2008.  A significant fraction of this system is made available as Storm (  This is a Linux Opteron cluster that is intended for parallel jobs that can take advantage of its high-capacity, low-latency InfiniBand interconnect.  ABAQUS and  MATLAB are among the software packages being used on Storm.

For more information, see the Storm QuickStart Guide.

Multi-Institution Consortia


WestGrid is a consortium of universities in Western Canada that is the main provider of high performance computing for researchers from the participating institutions.  The University of Calgary plays an active role in supporting WestGrid and hosts a portion of the hardware. U of C researchers are not restricted to using just the local portion. 

Other Canadian Consortia

See the Compute Canada web site for information about the other major HPC consortia with resources available to University of Calgary researchers.


2016-04-1 - Removed out-dated references to Eco-Grid and Bigbox.


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